Perry Knekk

A girly looking halfling thief


Race: Halfling (Lightfoot)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 89cm
Weight: 28kg
Size: Small
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deiety: Mask

Perry is likely the prettiest and cutest halfing ever beheld, but contrary to what his appearance suggest he is very much a male. Something he finds himself constantly having to explain to new faces and strangers, and sometimes cannot be bothered to. He wears fine clothes, and keep them clean whenever possible. His hair is half-long and brown, and often kept in a ponytail. Although he is a halfling male he’s not as stout-looking, as many of his peers would be, nor does he sport any kind of sideburns. He seems to be blessed, or cursed, depending on how you look at it, with generous hips and facial features that would make any womenfolk of his kind teeming with jealousy, but he himself has never been grateful for it. He sports a deep raspy voice, but through his years as a street hustler he has learned to alter it to become higher to accomodate his actual appearance.


Perry Knekk was born and raised in the largest halfling community outside Daggerfall. In his early childhood he would often be mistaken for a girl, much to his father’s dismay, and his later years did not seem to be any more merciful in that regard, and he often found it easier to become friends with the opposite sex due to his similarities in appearance with them.

While Perry loved his parents and home very much he knew he had always been different, and once he reached adulthood at the age of 20 he felt a desire to adventure beyond the boundries of the halfling community. That and he became exceedingly fed up with the marriage proposals he recieved from other men. Perhaps not too odd considering a lot of halfling men found him more attractive than most females, albeit unaware of his actual gender.

The halfling sought his fortunte in the nearest city of Daggerfall. Eager to explore and start a life for himself, but unwittingly ignorant to the perils of venturing outside the comfort of his own community. The world of the bigfolk was a cold and hostile place, and without a plan or the means to fend himself Perry had to learn how to steal and how to cheat. Talents it would seem came naturally to him.

An life altering event that set Perry on the course he still treads happened shortly after his arrival in Daggerfall four years ago. A combination of a dreadfully busy day in the market district and an overwhelming hunger in Perry’s belly pushed him over to a life of thievery. Determined to feed himself he snatched a bread from a baker’s stall at the busy market, but his inexperience and desperation got him caught nearly immediately, and the baker being a man with keen senses immediately recogniced a thief when he saw one and proceeded to beat up Perry. The poor halfling could only writ and turn on the ground as the baker’s foot continuously kicked him. So Perry did the first thing his instincts told him to do and screamed for help. Lady luck was fortunately at the halfling’s side as the daughter of the district’s guardcaptain tugged at her father’s sleeve while they were strolling down the market and pointed at Perry who’s face was slatered with mud, which made the halfling look like a human child.
The guardcaptains paternal instincts comandeered all control and steered him straight towards the ruthless baker and gave the baker the same treatment he had given Perry. Other guards soon flocked to the situation as the commotion grew around them, but upon seeing it was their own captain pummeling on the citizen they did not act against him, and even assisted him in beating the baker to an inch of his life.

After the violent confrontation Perry’s savior asked him where his parents where, and in fear of being escorted out of Daggerfall to his village he told the captain he had none. To Perry’s surprise the guards took the adult halfling straight to the orphanage, though he ran away as soon as the guards had left as he would inevitably be revealed to be anything but a human child as soon as they had cleaned his face. Although the event had made the future thief realize his true potential.

The scene had caught the eye of the local thieves guild leader. A shady dwarven man who cared more for greed than solidarity. He offered Perry a place among his thieves, and the halfling accepted as the dwarf knew he would, having no other place to go. The protection and expertise of the thieves guild did not come for free, however, and Perry, possessing traits some would find desirable, had to make the dwarven leader happy in certain ways others did not. The guild did help the halfling hone his thieving and sleight of hand skills, though, and he became quite proficient in unlocking doors he was not supposed to.

As much as Perry considered the thieves guild family he couldn’t endure its leader and what he demanded of Perry, and one day Perry left it all behind. He made a new identity he’d use from time to time. Wirana Doe, the quiet card playing girl. Who spent the evenings hustling fools in local pubs and taverns. During the days he spent among the street urchins, helping the children find food and whatever else was needed to see the next day in the bigfolk world.
The street children, consisting mostly of humans, became his new family, and together they came up with many inventive schemes and plots Perry used to improve his charlatan ways, and fraud soon became second nature to the halfling.

Eventually, though, he felt once more the call to adventure and longed for a life outside Daggerfall, and the thrill of discovering new places. He would get his wish the day a varied and colourful band of elves entered the city.

Perry Knekk

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