Galdorin DeVir

Drow Elf, sorcerer, chaotic good


Gender: Male
Eyes: Red
Height: 183cm/6f
Weight: 77kg /170pounds
Age: 243
Hair: White
Diety: Vhaeraun
Background: Sage


Hailing from the presumed deceased drow house “House DeVir” – Galdorin started his life in Menzoberranzan, the city of spiders. A large underground drow city-state in the Upper Northdark, ruled by bigger houses yet lesser men in the eyes of Galdorin. He knew that in order to make a name for himself, he could no longer dwell in the shadows.

Blessed by abilities in all matters arcane, and with a keen mind – DeVir took up work as a sage. Not one for lingering in some dusty old tower, filled with books rarely opened, he traveled Northwest Faerun to unluck the higher mysteries. Aiding factions like the Harpers and the Zhentarim, DeVir made somewhat of a name for himself. The urge to relish in new information and knowledge so that he might better himself has always been a strong motivator, and the quest to show the world that house DeVir is still very much here burns bright in him.
One might say that destiny has led him to Daggerford and will become the start of a story promising untold glory for the ages to come, bringing House DeVir up on the pedestal of a family worthy of mention.

Galdorin DeVir

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